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The Walking Dog The Walking Dog
The dog needs to be taken out for a walk. Help the zombie stay near the dog using the arrow keys to stay close.
Skeleton Park Skeleton Park
The bone ghost have lost his bones somewhere in ground. Being his friend Frankenstein you have to find all 8 bones to get to the next level. Avoid being hit by the dogs roaming aro...
Ultimate Dog Racer Ultimate Dog Racer
Pick your dog and race in a ultimate dog race. Put bones at the stake and pguess your position in the race. Use arrow keys to control your dog in race.
Michael Vick Dog Fight Michael Vick Dog Fight
Michael Vick is having good old dog fight. Try to beat the dog by pushing him into the cage. Remember that police shouldn't notice your fight with dog.
Gone To The Dogs Gone To The Dogs
Buy yourself a race dog. Train him and improve his skills like speed, stamina, attitude, reaction, etc. Use the winning prize in the dog's upgrades.
Flip Me Out Flip Me Out
Your aim is to find where this dog is hiding. Try to keep an eye on the cardboard behind which dog is hidden and click on that after flipping is done.
Cannon Dog Cannon Dog
Select one of the 3 cannon dogs and shoot him from the cannon as far as possible. Whole path is filled with point scoring areas and things. Try to hit those points or collect those...
Basket Dog Basket Dog
This dog is a basket ball fan. Help him to learn to shoot ball in the basket. Click first time to assign angle and second time to assign power.
Astro Dog Astro Dog
Astro dog is on his way to his special mission to kill all aliens and collect all the supplies. Use arrows to move the dog and space to shoot.
Tobby Dog Sea Tobby Dog Sea
Collect all the pieces of a puzzle before Tobby's oxygen supply runs out. Use mouse to direct Tobby in the required direction.
Super Doggy Super Doggy
There is an attack going on Puppy land by the evil cat. Now everything is dependent on Super Doggy. Collect the dog food the get super power and use it to kill enemies.
Sonny Sonny
This game is pretty similar to a classic game pacman. Here Sonny have to collect all the bones in the city and avoid being captured.
Snoopy Click Snoopy Click
This game is a memory based game where you have to click and open a card. To disappear a pair of cards you have to open two cards of same kind. The faster you do more points you ge...
Sheep Dog Sheep Dog
Control a sheep dog and with him guide sheeps to their respective ground. Sheeps will run away from the dog, use this strategy to guide the sheeps.
Tobby Tobby
Tobby's friend is captured by an evil dog and he wants to kill him. Extinguish the fire before it reaches to Tobby's friend. Click to spray water farther and release it t...
Rockys Biscuit Breakout Rockys Biscuit Breakout
Rocky is hungry and his biscuits are hanging in the air. Click to let Rocky jump in air and then control him in air. Try to keep jumping on the trampoline and avoid dropping the do...

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01. Frisbee Dog - 6
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03. The Morning Walk - 6
04. Doggy Day Care - 6
05. Sheep Jumper - 6
06. A Walk In The Pa... - 6
07. Agent K9 - 6
08. Albert The Dog - 6
09. Dingle Ball - 6
10. Dog And Sheep Po... - 6
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